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Articulate health prevention efficacy of Pericoronitis
Click:4781 Date:2008-11-18 15:08:12
Articulate health prevention efficacy of Pericoronitis

Pericoronitis students feel sick in the frequently-occurring disease, dental clinic in my school work found that the incidence of first-year freshmen Pericoronitis 60-70% incidence, thus causing our department's attention. In order to reduce the incidence of neonatal pericoronitis, we have taken with articulate new alcohol-free mouthwash for prevention of observation are as follows.
One, materials and methods
1, Material: articulate Kang mouthwash without alcohol (stock solution) Ltd Baoding Kang days.
2, method: new students randomly selected 200 medical students (100 men each), age 18-19 years old have erupted as a registration. The registration will then randomly divided into two groups of students; prevention group and control group preventive effect observed. Two groups of students must be done brushing your teeth before going to bed, if pain treatment must be undergraduate, make a registration of treatment. Prevention group selected the head of the two men after brushing each with a supervisor in the health content of articulate 5ML, observation time of 120 days to observe the stages of the treatment of dental caries and other oral diseases are not included in the statistical observations.

Second, the results

1, the control group, the incidence of pericoronitis number of up to 31 people. Which is simply pericoronitis 23; 5 induced fever due to flu Pericoronitis Clinical medicine, hydrogen peroxide cleaning, recovered two days later on the iodine glycerin; including 3 complicated by pericoronitis space infection in hospital. Pericoronitis prevention group the incidence of 2 cases, mainly due to the flu with fever induced by the out-patient treatment debridement glycerine two days on the recovery of iodine. Prevention group and control group, the statistical group P "0.01 was significant difference, significantly reduced the incidence of pericoronitis.

Of the discussions

1, from a medical perspective, most species of oral bacteria is systemic, where the largest quantity of bacteria, with special physiological oral condition of the environment, making the retention and reproduction of bacteria. Although these bacteria have a symbiotic relationship and the human body, but in all causes decreased host defense function, the oral tissues will be compromised, especially the highest week of blind pockets of bacteria can not be removed by brushing, bacteria multiply at this time First, fire, disease symptoms of acute local tissue reaction, resulting pericoronitis disease, the direct impact on students eating, learning and physical health.

2, students from across the country, leaving the original environment of the new environment that does not immediately fit, diet, sleep, study and so need to adjust, the adjustment process is a new starting point for new students, thus creating a host defense function of an important factor in the decline is higher than the incidence of neonatal pericoronitis high incidence of one of the reasons students.
3, the students arrived in the school, the first working face of military training, military training intense training, the students physically can not immediately adapt to the host defense function of the decline is one of the factors.

In summary, prevention pericoronitis when the new students, it is necessary, use alcohol-free mouthwash articulate and Sport, is a good method to simply and effectively the economy. Because new students ability to adapt gradually to the environment, lifestyle improvement is 120 days before a critical stage, when applied effectively articulate health defense function in the local machine considerably weakened the case, maintain a healthy physique, training and learning the full submission to, and indirectly support the teaching function properly, and achieved good social benefits.
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