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     Baoding, Hebei Tian Kang limited liability company is the original large state-owned enterprises - formed from the pharmaceutical factory in Baoding, Hebei. Researchers work together with the United States, developed a new generation of 100% alcohol-free mouthwash - articulate health. Articulate Kang is GMP certified plant through production, product quality and efficacy are recognized experts, the patient's home. Sales each year to several times a year. Articulate more and more oral health practitioners and agents of all ages. My company is a subsidiary of medical device companies medical equipment franchise company, the company produces automatic mixing machine impression materials, laboratory mill with environmentally-friendly high throw, high-quality steel pressure vessels, articulator, and other products, high quality price Lian, welcome customers to buy. The company excellent reputation and excellent service and my colleagues in the medical profession to maintain extensive and long-term relationships with the major manufacturers and suppliers at home and abroad to establish a cooperative relationship.
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